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The BrewDog Brew Off


BrewDog Liverpool
8 Colquitt Street L1 4DE Liverpool England
Get your mash tuns at the ready because on Sunday 29th May we’ll be hosting BrewDog Liverpool’s first ever homebrew competition! There are prizes to be won for whoever can wow our panel of judges!

Here are the rules:
Only one beer may be entered from each brewer/collective brewers, per category.
A beer that may fall into multiple categories can ONLY be entered into a single category. No beer can be entered into more than one category.
Beers must be bottled, with a SIMPLE label denoting the brewer's name, beer name, beer style and ABV.
All beers must be brought into BrewDog Liverpool for registration by Sunday 29th March.
We will require 2 bottles of each beer registered to be brought in.

Here are the categories:
1. Sessions - Any style up to 4.0%
2. Wheat or Wit – Anything goes as long as it contains more wheat than barley
3. IPA's - With at least 55 IBU
4. Stouts and Porters - No heavy restriction here, if it's dark, it's in!
5. Strong – 6.0% or above!
6. Open style. Anything goes!

Once a winner from each category has been decided, these 6 beers will face off against each other in a knock out format competition to determine the overall winner and crown Liverpool’s home brewing champion!

Finally, entry of a beer or multiple beers to this competition is free. There is no fee or cost, just get your beer to the bar in time for before Sunday 29th May and you're good to go!